Monday, May 8, 2017

Say Click!

Say Click!

Have you ever seen a funny photo or something really important and wanted to save it but you can't download it? There are many ways to save that item into your phone. The easiest way is basically screenshotting it and the image being saved right in your photos. If you do not know how to screenshot, continue reading you will find out.

How To Start

Image result for wallpaper
  • Go to an item in your phone that you would like to save onto your phone. It can be a wallpaper from Google, a celebrity picture off of Instagram, anything. Just choose want you want to get screenshot.
  • After you have chosen, you will have to locate your lock screen and your home button which are the buttons that are shown above. Image result for lock button and home button on iphone 7

  • Congratulations! You have found your buttons and one step away from screenshotting your image/text. Once you have located everything you will now stay on the page where your item is and simply press your home button and lock button together.

The images above were used from Google.

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