Friday, May 19, 2017

Don't be Late, for a Very Important Date

How to Plan your time BETTER

I spent numerous days worrying about “WHEN will I get a project turned in?”, “HOW am I getting to work on time?”, And “IS it possible to squeeze something in one day so I am a free another day?”

That struggle was REAL I went to extremes to find a plan that works. I present to you…

Right off, the idea of using a useful function on my phone (besides the calculator) seemed a little far-fetched. There was no way this would work. But it is very easy to manage.
  1. Set up an event
  2. Scroll through the event menu to the 🔔, tap the 🔔
    1. Tap one of the 3 options
      1. Specify time and form of event reminder
  3. “Add another notification”
    1. Choose between 10 or 30 minutes before, 30 minutes before as email, an hour before, or “Custom…”
      1. Specify how many…
        1. Minutes
        2. Hours
        3. Days
        4. Or WEEKS before the event
      2. Choose form of notification
        1. Normal app notification
        1. Email

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