Thursday, May 11, 2017

Google Doc Sheet?

How To Insert A Table From Spreadsheet

Do you want to know how to insert a chart onto Google Docs from a spreadsheet you’ve already created? If so, keep reading!

  1. If you look where your widget area is you will see the words Insert. Press the tab and a bunch of options will roll down.

2. In the options, you will see an icon that shows a chart. Once you hover your cursor on the chart option it will ask you to use data from a spreadsheet (picture shown below.)

3. After you have discovered the options, press the option “From Sheets” and it will show you all the sheets in your drive and you will pick one as shown below.

4. You have to select a spreadsheet that has a chart in the document. After you have chosen the spreadsheet with a chart, press select. After that your chart should be inserted as shown below.

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