Monday, May 8, 2017

Need help studying but no one is there to help? Try out Quizlet!

Usability:  This app is very useful for in and out of the classroom. Quizlet allows both Apple and Android electronics to download the app for free via app store. Students using this app will be able to study for any subject with a variety of study options.

Support:  After you have downloaded Quizlet it is very easy to use and understand. Students will have fun learning while they are getting the help they need.

Engaging:  This app is very engaging. Students will be able to have fun and be able to study how they prefer and how they learn best. Students will find this app very helpful because they can put in the information they need to study and they can proceed to do that with the option of studying with flashcards, the “learn” option, the “test” option, “matching” option, and the game option.

Export/Sharing:  Artifacts, created with tool cannot be shared through Google, Dropbox, email, and/or YouTube.

Customization:   When using Quizlet you can customize based on how you prefer to study. When using the flashcards study tool option you can put all the information like you would on a notecard and begin your study session. Quizlet is all based on how you would like to learn.

Collaboration:  Quizlet does not allow you to collaborate with classmates through the cloud.

Import:  When using Quizlet you are not able to import files, images, videos, sound, etc. into the tool.

Overall, Quizlet is a great study tool. Quizlet can and should be used in and out of the classroom which will help students understand and learn much better.

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