Monday, May 8, 2017

Love reading and writing?

     Here is an app that is great for people who love reading. This app is called Wattpad. This app was created in 2006 in the month of November by Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen. This app is currently being used by over 45 million people. In this app people from all over the world can write stories, poems, articles, fan fiction, and many other types of written things.
     This app is great for people who love to read stories or write stories. You can look up all types of stories on here to read, there are many different categories of stories to read from such as horror, romance, comedy, sad, shocking, mystery, drama, crime and a lot more. Or if you don't want to read a story there are many other things such as articles, poems and much more. If you're not the type to read stories but love to write stories, then this is also the perfect app to get. You can write any type of story possible. Also people from all over the world can read your story. This app is great if you're a person who is trying to get seen by others for your work.
      This app is also very simple to use, if you're planning to read stories off of this app all you do is search the title of the book if you want a specific book. But if you wanted to read a horror book but you're not sure which one you can just search up the word horror and millions of types of books and stories about horror will come up. Then you can either read the whole book in one shot or put the book in your private library where no one can see that you are reading it or you can put it in your public library where if others were to go on your profile they could see that you're reading that book. But if you're more of the type to read stories all you have to do is at the bottom of the screen on the homepage there is a pencil and then from there you write away, just add a title to the book and a cover so people can have a hint of what the book is like and then write away. This is a very simple app to use and people of all ages can use it, it's also free and works for most devices. So if you love reading and writing Wattpad is the perfect app for you.

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