Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Do not understand a story that your next test is on? Download Sparknotes!

Usability:  Sparknotes is an easy app to navigate and use. Sparknotes is very easily used with little to no help. When using Sparknotes you can use multiple devices. Sparknotes will help students by giving the summary of the story the student is looking for. Simply type in the book and author and read away!

Support:  Tutorials and instructions are very simple. When you first open the app you will read how to search and change content settings when needed. Sparknotes is a very simple app for your Apple or Android device.

Engaging:  Sparknotes is a highly engaging app that will be used very often.

Export/Sharing:  When using Sparknotes you are able to share content. You will be able to share through Google, email, Youtube, etc. When wanting to share simply go into the settings and click share.

Customization:  Students are able to modify in settings. When clicking the settings options you will be able to change to Night Mode, change Font Size, learn about Sparknotes, Contact them, Share, see Terms of Use, and learn the Privacy Policy.

Collaboration:  Sparknotes does not allow you to collaborate with students through the app.

Import:  When using the app you will not be able to import pictures, videos, files, etc.

Sparknotes is a very fun and engaging apps for all students. Sparknotes helps students by summarizing stories that will be easily understood. Sparknotes is a great tool and can be used in and outside of the classroom.

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