Thursday, May 25, 2017

Google Docs Helper!

Let the Computer Read and Type for You!

Have you ever gotten stuck on a word and having then stared
at a screen forever until you figure it out? Well, there’s a much easier was to solve this. There is an inserting add-on you can install that will not only read to you, but you can read to them and it will spell things out for you. Do you ever get lazy and don’t want to type? Talk to your computer! And if you need an editor, the computer will repeat it for you so you don’t need to forget that you missed a word. This app will help many students that are not able to spell or read. It’s not hard to install either! Check it out! 😊

-Just go with these steps:
Speaking to the computer:  If  you want to speak to the computer and have it type for you, you simply go to tools. Go to the 6th one down and click on, “Voice Typing…” It should show up in a little box with a microphone in it. It will say, “Click to speak.” Click on it and start talking!

Letting the computer read to you:  If you want the computer to read to you, you just choose “Add-ons.”You can find it in the top selections in the toolbar and choose, “Reader” which should be the 2nd one down. When you click on what you need, you should see the reader on the right side of your screen. They will have you choose whatever settings you’d like, such as the sound and the speed. When you manage your settings and you’re ready for the reading, simply scroll to, “Start reading” and it should start from the beginning and begin reading.

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