Monday, May 15, 2017

I must TILE you something...


If you are consistently losing track of your devices, wallet, keys, or things like those that you carry with you everywhere and are important to you, just put a Tile on them! A Tile is a Bluetooth tracking device you can hook onto your keys, put in your wallet, or hide anywhere so you can find them without a problem (if your item(s) are nearby). You must make an account to activate your tiles, and when you do, your phone itself can become a tile! Press the middle button on any of your tiles connected to your phone via Bluetooth, and it will buzz (even on silent!) until you find it again. When and if your things becomes lost and are not within range, the community can find your things, drop them off nearby, and your phone will alert you when it is within range again! To get started…

  1. Download the Tile app
    1. Go through the opening slides
  2. Tap the +
  3.  Enter password to receive code to ensure it is you activating this Tile.
  4. Press “e” on Tile
  5. Syncs tile
  6. You can name your Tile,

You’re Done!

Your phone will play a chipper tune (which you can change if you want) high pitched enough to be easily heard, and therefore easy to find. Enjoy your stress-free moments when you can not find your things.

For a visual set-up, use this link:

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