Thursday, May 11, 2017

One Lock

What is “1PASSWORD?” 1PASSWORD is an app on the App Store or Google Play that is used for remembering everything you don’t. It remembers passwords and keeps it behind a secretive password that you make yourself. creates strong unique passages or pins for you to remember to get into your pool of other passwords.
  • It remembers usernames, credit card numbers, addresses, codes. Anything that you will forget 1PASSWORD remembers.
  • If you have a phone that has Touch ID you can also simply unlock it with the finger you use to unlock your phone with.
  • The app stores your information in categories. For example, usernames would all be under usernames; either from dates or alphabetical order. Also, passwords and documents  are organized in their separate within separate categories.
  • A great thing that is awesome about this app is that you can spotlight search. Spotlight search helps you find what you are looking for by typing keywords within all of the apps (in this case, within the app) for the item(s) you are looking for. So if you have a ton of documents and don’t

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