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How to take a Snapchat video without hands for IPhone users

How to take a Snapchat video with no hands

Are you sick of having to hold down that darn camera button to take a snapchat video? Or tired of only being able to use one hand in your dancing videos? Or you just simply want to be able to put your phone down to take a video? Well for all you IPhone users I can tell you how!
What is Snapchat? Snapchat is very popular in today’s generation, Snapchat is the mobile app that allows users to capture videos and pictures that self destruct after a few seconds. When a user sends a message they get to decide whether it will live for between one and ten seconds.
Snapchat is known for its ten seconds of content that you can post to your story for all your friends to view. To take a normal video you have to hold down the round shutter button on the bottom of the camera screen and release the button when you’re done recording or until the ten second timer runs out.
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To take a snapchat video with no hands it requires you to go into the IPhone settings application, then, press “General” then “Accessibility.” Once you are in Accessibility scroll down until you see “AssistiveTouch” then turn on AssistiveTouch by swiping on the switch across from it, to know it is turned on, the switch should turn green along with a grey box with a white circle in it should appear on your IPhone screen.
Image result for settings application on iphone assistive touchRelated image
Once you are in the AssistiveTouch part of your settings you will see at the bottom there is a tab that says “Create New Gesture…” Once you press it, it will then bring you to a grey screen that says “Tap or swipe to create a custom gesture. A sequence of gestures will be combined into one multiple-touch gesture.” Also, the screen will have “Play” on the bottom left corner and “Stop” in the bottom right corner. Once you are here you are going to press and hold down with your finger in the bottom middle of the grey screen. Once you press your finger on the screen there will be a blue bar that starts and then stops once you release your finger or until the time runs out. Hold your finger down until the blue bar reaches the end.
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Great! Now you have made the gesture, now in the top right corner there will be the word “Save” written in blue letters. Once you press save there will be a white box that appears on the screen that says “New Gesture” and a bar that allows you to type along with a “Cancel” and a “Save” button. Inside the typing bar it tells you to make a Gesture name, you can name it anything you would like. After you have made a name for your gesture press the “Save” button. Your screen will go back to the AssistiveTouch screen, accept now that you have saved your gesture, what you named your gesture will appear under the “Create New Gesture” tab.
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Almost done! Now, go into the Snapchat app and put it on the camera screen. Press the grey assistive touch box that is still on your phone screen and then on the top left there should be a white star that says “Custom”. Then, click the star and it should open up to a box that has “Pinch” in the top left corner, “3D Touch” in the top middle, and “Double Tap” in the top right corner. Now, if you have done all the steps correctly there will also be a white star in the middle left that is named what you have named the gesture, press it. Once you have pressed the star, a small, grey, target looking circle will appear, press and drag the circle onto the middle of the record button and your video will start recording, hands free!
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