Monday, May 8, 2017

Connnecting Apples

How To Connect Apples

What’s an Apple watch? How do you connect it to your phone? Can you really connect your phone to a watch? An Apple watch is basically a smaller version of your iPhone and it works as your iPhone. You can connect if you just follow these steps:

  1. 1. If  your iPhone is updated to the latest update you should have an app on your phone with an icon of a watch sideways and the name of the app should be called “Watch.” Next open your Apple watch by holding down the flat button which is the button you use to turn it on. You hold that button until the Apple logo appear.

2. Next you could pick a wrist to place the watch on and you can simply set it up to your liking.

3. After you have done that you go onto your iPhone and click the app called “Watch”
with an icon of a watch being held sideways.

4. After you do that you should see a white alert notification appear that says “Turn your bluetooth on.” After seeing that, you should slide up towards the bottom of the phone and the Control Center should pop up.

5. When the Control Center appears on the screen you should already be connected to wifi and press the bluetooth icon as shown in the previous picture.

6. After you’ve turned on your bluetooth, slide the Control Center downward and the Watch app should still be running and be on the phone screen. Also when you turn on your watch it will show the countries you can pick from and language.

7. Your camera will appear and you’ll have to turn on your Apple watch and on your phone the camera will pop up and at the top of the screen of the camera in writing it will say “Hold Apple Watch up to the Camera Align it with the viewfinder below.” You then fit your camera in the boxed shape perimeter on the camera.

8. From there it will ask you to set up as a new Apple Watch then ask you to set up a password for your watch and etc. From there-your Apple Watch is officially connected to your iPhone.

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