Monday, May 8, 2017

Are you a busy teacher? Need help?

           Are you a busy teacher? Need help? If you're a teacher who wants an organized way to set up their lesson plan then this is the perfect app for you. ITunes U is an app where you can bring your whole classroom together with many features such as an integrated grade book, private discussions and homework hand in. This app was created on May 30th, 2007 by the company Apple. This app was created to help people have an easy way to access educational material from some of the top universities and colleges.
          One of the features in this app is called homework hand in where students can hand in their work through ITunes U. They can use a variety of apps to hands in the work through this app and once everything is handed in it is organized in the same place so you can keep track of the work and grade it also. Another feature is if your student is having trouble with an assignment you can privately discuss it with them and help them understand is better. Also with the integrated grade book you can track all grades and assignments for your students and enable grading for a specific assignment, also as you grade assignments you can view the overall progress of your students work.
         This app is available on all Apple products for free. With this app it will be easier for students and the teacher to read books, watch audio lectures, and individual or whole classroom discussions. In this app you can also add content from the IBooks and App Store as well as links to websites.
          To use this app is simple and all you have to do is when you get into this app just press get started and to created a course just press the plus sign then “create a course” then add a profile for yourself so students know who you are and from there the app will show you how to create the rest of the course. This app is very useful for teachers who want to organize their lessons and work with their students and can help a lot with organization.

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