Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Plagiarizing is the direct copying of someone else's site or work and claiming it as yours.
One may resort to plagiarizing because;
  • they are in a hurry to submit the work or are under pressure,
  • they may not know the difference between paraphrasing and plagiarizing
  • They lack good internet research skills
  • They may be too lazy to participate in the activity
Instead of plagiarizing one has the option to do a brief summary of the work in their own words and site the website or the person they got the information from. Plagiarizing has consequences and can lead to involvement of legal action.
Some of the repercussions include:
  • Suing or legal action
  • Expulsion from the institution
  • Destruction of the plagiarized work
  • They may even get zero on the assignment or face detention
  • Shame and embarrassment to the individual and the institution

Now that you know about plagiarism try to condemn it among your peers and friends, remember the consequences and do not participate in it. By doing your own work you expand your thinking skills and creativity. Through this you also learn new things and are aware of what your  presentation is about.

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