Friday, January 13, 2017

Talking on Google Hangouts

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Alex Leach
Google Hangouts Review

Google Hangouts is a communications app. Since it is made by Google it is available on the computer. You just have to look it up or go to the icon with 9 boxes next to your email then hit more if it doesn’t show up. Google Hangouts allows you to call your friends, Video call them but this does not mean record, there is no record feature unless you are sending one through text. You can also text them. In calls you can turn on your camera whenever you want as well as select someone in the call to see what they are doing instead of switching every few seconds. If no one has a video on but you can’t tell who’s talking, there is a feature that the screen switches the icon or profile picture of the person talking as well as showing sound waves around their picture. The video call quality isn’t the greatest but it gets better depending on internet and your settings. The audio though depends on how good of a microphone your phone or computer has, if you don’t have one for it. If you have an Android watch you can see what's going on through the watch instead of taking your phone out. In my opinion hangouts isn’t the best way to communicate but it gets the job done and has some extra features some apps might not have.

If this sounds like what you want check it out here:

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