Monday, January 9, 2017

 Get to Know YouTube better

     As we all know YouTube is a video streaming application where people often make videos about topics of interest and post them up on YouTube for the world to see.
    In order for one to upload a video one has to open an account through signing in with your email account. YouTube airs various types of videos including music, politics, sports, gaming, sports and television shows. It is accessible worldwide on access to internet.
    You may know how to search for a video you want to watch and pause or play but do you know how to put it on fullscreen. In case of a presentation in class you may want to view the video on fullscreen.

    To access a full screen tab use your mouse to click on a “broken square icon” at bottom right of your video screen. Then the video will be immediately presented in full screen. To exit you may press the ESC button on your keyboard or click the “exit full screen icon at the bottom right of the screen.
    Have you ever watched a video and found out that the speaker is too fast for you to comprehend what they are saying?
The settings icon
This can be altered by clicking on the settings (gear tool) then speed you can reduce or increase the speed. In addition to this you may also put the captions that allow you to read the subtitles.
    Now that you have learnt about this you may want to learn something exciting that you may use during your fun time. YouTube Leanback. This is a site where one can easily view videos on the big screen. The title is very attracting so I suggest you visit the site to experience effortless viewing.
    This and many more are the simple benefits of using YouTube. Visit their website at to use the above features.  

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