Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Clock application for android phones
Many may assume this application and forego it despite checking for the time on their phone regularly.
This application has features like
  • An alarm
  • A world Clock
  • A stop watch
  • And a timer     
  •  The Alarm
To use the alarm select on the feature and press the add option now you can select the time and days you want it to ring. You may also change the sound of the alarm. What I like most about this feature is that it allows you to set multiple alarms while for some manual alarms you have you can only set one.

  • The World Clock
This is another wonderful feature that tags along with the application, it allows you to add a city through which you are going to view information like the time and the date at the place. This may not sound like a big deal but it is used by travelers to know the time and sometimes date at their destination if they travel for many hours. I use this feature before making an international call because sometimes due to the difference in time in various regions of the world it may hinder the time of communication.

  • The Stop Watch
Stop watches are mainly used when carrying out experiments to time minutes used when partaking in a procedure. This application is very efficient and you may pause it if you wish.

  • The Timer

A timer is used to regulate the time taken while doing a certain act. With the timer you are required to set a time and select start once the time has endured the timer will beep repeatedly to notify you. You may pause the timer if you wish.

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