Monday, January 23, 2017

What is Edmodo?

By:  Kyanna

Image result for edmodoYou are probably thinking “What is Edmodo?” I am here to tell you. Edmodo is where your teachers can both assign and grade assignments like homework on their mobile devices. Edmodo focuses on teaching and not on the paperwork. On Edmodo, students can communicate and connect in such a way where they know that there are other students out there that may be struggling with the same things as them. Edmodo has over 48 million users and still expands. Edmodo expands both nationally and internationally. You can get started as a user of Edmodo right now at or you can get the app. Edmodo is under the education category and it’s free. Users have said that the website is more “user friendly” and that the app does need some improvements but Edmodo as a whole still has some great features.
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Edmodo is a great way to communicate among classmates, teachers, and parents.  
Edmodo offers access to resources and other learners and educators outside of your class even around the world. Edmodo is great for not only students and teachers but for the parents too. Edmodo didn’t leave the parents out. Parents are able to stay up to date with what their kid(s) are doing and whatever was taught during the day, the parents know by night. Parents can know it all including assignments, due dates, class events, classroom announcements, and more. Parents are able to set reminders as well. It is good for the teachers because it makes grading easier, assess their students performance, and to even complement their lesson plans. Teachers can create groups, schedule quizzes, and manage their students progress. It’s good for students because students are able to engage with the learning materials in different ways and they have the chance to take part in discussions with their classmates or other learners around the world.
Image result for homework onlineAbout two years ago, the Edmodo company made an announcement. The company announced a partnership with Cambridge and Oxford University Presses. Both Cambridge and Oxford University Presses have put resources from their renowned collection online and developed content for schools in the United Kingdom. To learn more about their partnership and the development of content for schools in the United Kingdom please visit
According to Cambridge University Press, Edmodo is the most extensive e-learning platform for both primary and secondary teachers and students. Edmodo is designed to give teachers complete control over their digital classroom with one single platform with unlimited storage. Edmodo also provides a comprehensive setting for the education experience and guarantees that students will remain safe and focused. Is Edmodo worth the try? I think it is. Try out Edmodo now.

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