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How to Camtasia

Alex Leach           9/26/16

Camtasia Video Editing

Camtasia is an easy to learn video editing software that costs money but has a 30 day trial and it allows you to narrate videos or record your screen in any resolution. Some parts are pretty straight forward but not as simple as they seem. There are parts that will do it for you but it doesn’t look as good so it would be better to learn it if you want better quality. It can be kind of tedious and make you have to take a break at times but here’s some tips and tricks to make things a little easier.
For video editing, say maybe a youtube video or a commercial it’s good to cut out bad parts that aren’t really needed. So what I like to do to fix things is put the audio and video on 2 different columns. After you do that you want to place the play marker/line the shows what part of the video you are on and pause or drag it on the part you want to split (start for the cut) and select one column then go to split and then select the other column that isn't split and do so. After that go to the part slightly before the part you want to keep and do the split process again but select the parts that are split and cut them. If you have the parts you want and want to be funny you can use the zoom and pan option and crop it to the area you want to zoom into then go to the area you want to stop the zoom and crop it back to full size.
For music/edits you want to screen record the part of a show or video you want if you don't already have it and save and edit it after. Then you want to find the music you want and drag it onto the bin and put it in a free column to be in the video. Now if you want to be more fancy then cut out some parts you don't want and cut the music to your preferred part and the hit M on every beat and it will leave a marker showing when the beats are. When you’re done go back to the beats and zoom in and out on every beat to add a nice effect making it a lot cooler. You can also split the parts with markers and add a quick transition to make it look even better but make sure to leave it to an amount that does not cover 2 beats.
That’s it for these tips on Camtasia. I hope they helped you out with video editing or improved your edits.
If you are interested in this program go here to for a free 30 day test:

Tutorial wie man mit Camtasia ...
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