Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Is Quizlet For You?

Is Quizlet For You?

By: Kyanna  

Quizlet is an online learning and study tool that was created by Andrew Sutherland. It was founded in Albany, CA in October of 2005 but the headquarters is located in San Francisco, CA. It was open to the public in January 2007. It is ranked as one of the top fifty websites in The United States.
      You can visit Quizlet at or you can get Quizlet on your phone as an app. You can get the app in any app store like Google Play and good news for you-it’s free! You can either search it in the search bar or go under the education category in your app store.
      I started using Quizlet in sixth grade. Now I am a sophomore in high school and I am still an active user. Statistics show that one-quarter of all United States high school students use Quizlet every day. Quizlet is a great study resource for students. It prepares my friends and me for many of our tests and quizzes in almost all of our classes along with many other students within the school.
      Quizlet helps you master your classes. You can create your own lessons or you can choose from the millions of other lessons that other Quizlet users have created. The last update which was in November of 2015, showed that Quizlet has had over 100 million user-generated flashcard sets and more than 40 million monthly visitors.
There are thousands of different subjects to pick from. Many people even use Quizlet to study for SATs and ACT. It’s great to study for midterms and finals as well. It’s also great to go on and learn something new.
      The cool thing about Quizlet is that it has different strategies that you can choose to study from. Quizlet has a flashcard strategy if you enjoy studying from flashcards. The “Learn” option is where a question will be asked or a definition will be given and you fill in the answer or vocabulary word. Spelling is another option where you type what you hear. The question will be at the bottom and there’s a sound icon where you press and the answer will be said to you then you type what you heard in the space that is provided. For the “Test” option, you create a practice test that consists of multiple choice, true-false, fill in the blank and matching. Once you take the practice test, it will be automatically graded when you hit the “check answers” button. Quizlet also gives you the option of printing the practice test so you have a copy in your hand. The other option you have is the “Matching” option and that is basically memory match where you match the word with the definition or the question with the answer. The “Gravity” option is a game. For example, a word will come down from the top of the screen and you have to type in the definition in the space that is given. As you can see, Quizlet has many different study strategies. Once and awhile Quizlet will change their options so these options may or may not be there.
      I suggest this to my friends, family, and now I suggest it to you. It’s definitely an exceptional efficient resource to use. It helps many people including myself. There are many great things about Quizlet with a few things that could be fixed but overall it’s very helpful. You can choose the best study strategies that fit your learning way best. It’s simple to use and anyone can use it.

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