Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Plan ahead with Planboard

Plan ahead with Planboard

By:  Kyanna

Planboard is an online tool for teachers or educators in general. This tool helps educators simplify their lesson planning and makes it easier for them to reuse the lessons in the future. You can create, edit and view lessons. The lessons, subjects, semesters, etc are all organized with the help of this tool. Teachers can easily save and share their calendars and schedules. It’s good for reducing your time for class preparation and staying organized.
Planboard is both a site and an app. It is available in any app store for free and like any app you can search it in the search bar or it is also under the education category. The seller of planboard is The Planboard site is where you can get set up. It’s quick and easy to set up and get started.
Getting organized can be a bit of a hassle for many teachers but now you can plan your lessons online. Plan your lessons, use curriculum sets, get organized, and manage your schedule. Planboard makes it easier to create the lessons that you need. If you are the type of teacher that enjoys bringing their lessons to life then Planboard is still useful to you because it allows you to add pictures, videos, and attachments. You can even create templates for your lessons which makes the time for class preparation even shorter. You don’t even have to worry about storage because there is unlimited storage space when using Planboard so you can create as many lesson as you want.
I know my teachers are very adamant about staying on track and managing the curriculum standards. Planboard helps with keeping the class on track. Teachers can add local curriculum sets but also add individual standards to their lessons. Planboard also has this tool called “The Standards Progression” which shows the curriculum progress for each class and the standards that have been covered. Now, you can even monitor the progression, which will definitely help with staying on track.
The feature that is most commented about is how teachers can reuse their lessons and schedules. All you do is move the previous semester to the new year and it’s ready to be used.
Another great feature is being able to share lessons with your colleagues. Some of my teachers have shared lessons with other teachers in the school. You can send individual lesson plans or groups of lesson plans to your colleagues or other teachers and they will be able to open it in their planboard. You can also import shared lessons into your own planboard. If you enjoy sharing and/or receiving lessons with/from other teachers then sharing groups can be created.
Over 150,000 teachers are already using Planboard. There are teachers all around the world using it to cut down their classroom preparation time. Planboard has made an impact on many teachers and their lesson planning. Teacher have been able to teach more with using planboard because they have everything right there. Planboard could help you. Try Planboard and see what it does for you.

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