Thursday, December 22, 2016

What is all that talk about Chromecast?



     First and foremost a Chromecast is a device used to stream photos videos or music

to a television by use of a mobile device.

In order to use a Chromecast you may need:

                                                                         - a television with a HDMI slot

                                                                         - Internet connection

                                                                         - any mobile device with a chrome browser

                                                                         - and the Chromecast device.


Step 1: Setup.

           Insert the Chromecast into the HDMI slot of the television. Then by use of a

remote press input to select the HDMI. Once selected you will view instructions on

the website to key into your mobile device as well as your setup name.

Step 2: Launching.

           Using your mobile device download the app and open it. Then it my take a few

minutes of loading and a code will be shown. If it is in correspondence to the one

on your television screen you may select the option ‘that's my code’.

You will then fill out a menu with your Wireless Network and its password. Below

this select a Chromecast name and press continue. Launch your chrome browser

and add the cast extension.
     You may now use your Chromecast by clicking on its icon and selecting ‘cast tab’

 for the website you are on to be projected to your television screen. Once the icon

changes to blue the tab is being displayed on the Chromecast.

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