Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Google Chrome
Google Chrome is an amazing browser that was produced by Google in 2008. Google Chrome is also known for the main component of the Chrome OS (Chromebook). This browser is really fast and it is the latest browser for the internet used by people today. Google Chrome apps are free on the internet, so it is easy to download. This browser works on both smartphones and computers. Google Chrome has access to some apps that are made by Google. Examples of these apps are Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheet, Google Slides and some other apps.
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Advantages of Google Chrome  
  1. Google Chrome is the fastest and latest browser among other browsers used for internet access.
  2. Google Chrome is directly connected to other Apps made by Google.
  3. Google Chrome is easy to use, especially for App developers, because they can get their jobs done much faster than those who use Mozilla Firefox and some other browsers.
Disadvantages of Google Chrome
  1. Google Chrome consumes a lot of Random Access Memory (RAM) on phones and on PC.
  2. Google Chrome themes cannot be changed.
  3. Google Chrome does not save pages like other browsers.
  4. Navigation bar on Google Chrome cannot be configured.

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