Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Keep Track of Grades With Follett Notifications

Follett Notifications
By:  Kyanna

Not too many students or teachers know about this app. It is used in all subjects. Any teacher can use it from any class. Any administrator can use it. Parents can use to check their kid(s) grades. As long as you have an aspen log in account then you can have access to the use of this app. Like I said before Follett Notifications is very helpful to students. If you have a phone or if a parent has a phone then you are all set. It’s a great reminder for students. I would say it’s worth the download. It’s worth the download for parents especially because I know my parent is always asking me about my grades but now they don’t have to ask they can just take a look themselves. This app does send notifications to the phone when your teacher puts a grade in as well. So, as soon as your teacher officially logs your grade in then you’ll get a notification. It’s great because instead of waiting to get home or waiting for lunch to go online to type all of your login information to find out one grade, you get it sent to your phone right away. You don’t have to log in or try to find Wi-Fi to be able to log in. You don’t have to go through that kind of lengthy process to find out one grade with this app. You don’t just find out what your grade is on Follett Notifications, you can also get reminders. Your teachers can send out reminders about permission slips or a test and administrators can send out information about report cards or if the school day gets canceled. Follett Notifications sounds like a great app so far, am I right?
Follett Notifications is an app that I was told about by one of my teachers. After the teacher suggested the app, a few of my friends downloaded it including myself. They all think it’s very helpful. I think it’s helpful. This is for and used by students, administration, teachers, and even parents. This is a push notification app so you can receive notifications about multiple things. It notifies students about news within the school. Teachers or administrators can just send out a notification and you will receive it instantly. This app was offered by Follett School Solutions, Inc. It’s also in the works with Follett Aspen Student Information System.
It’s easy to get if you have some sort of electronic with an app store. You can just go into any app store like Google Play and search Follett Notifications. The logo is green and white. You can always go to the category section as well and it should be under “Education.” The thing that I love most about this app is that it’s free!
Now, there’s pros and cons to everything. There are very few cons and I would say the biggest one is it doesn’t show what teacher posted what grade. I read some other people’s point of view on this app and students and parents were complaining about how they didn’t know what grade went to what class. Another frequent complaint by mostly students was having to delete the notifications one by one so there is no “delete all” option. Altogether, there are just a few minor cons.
The app is for reminding and informing students and parents as well not to interact with each other. Despite those couple of cons, Follett Notification presents important information to the students and helps them stay up to date. This app is definitely great for you if you like to know your grade instantly, if you are a forgetful individual or if you have a child that forgets to tell you important information, whatever the case may be. Tell your teachers, principal, parents, friends, family, etc. Get the word around about Follett Notifications!   

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