Wednesday, December 21, 2016

How to Gimp

Alex Leach
Intro to Gimp

Gimp is an art type of program that is free and allows you to edit pictures any way you would choose as well as make a custom one or new one of your own. This program allows you to draw things onto pictures, insert pictures, cut pictures out, fill on pictures, etc. Will all those types of tools you can use, the program can get a little tricky but it’s actually quite simple after some testing around.

So for add a picture you want to edit just go to the picture and drag it onto gimp and it should automatically format it for you. After you do this you can use any tool you want such as the scissors and cut the area around the focused spot you want to keep to put on a new one. To make your own picture from scratch you can go to the task bar and click new and put in any size paper/pallet you want and start drawing with whichever tool you want. I would recommend the brush though because it is more solid. If you want a background for your blank page you can drag in an image or go to the paint bucket and search the options on there. The one on the left can put in solid colors or if you go to the bottom section located below the icons you can click on pattern and use preset patterns. The icon on the right you can make a background with a mixture of colors by clicking on one of the 2 boxes. If you would like more than one color there are certain options that will help you add more. Those 2 colors also go for the brush except it only uses the color on top of the 2 colors.
This is just a little intro into Gimp. You’ll find out there is way more to this program and you’ll be able to use more icons for enhanced work. Most of these icons do pretty much exactly what they show so it's also not really a huge deal to go over. Hopefully this has helped you have an easier start to Gimp.

Link to Gimp:

Pictures are also from Gimp

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