Thursday, December 15, 2016

Easy Steps to Increase the RAM on Your Phone

How to increase or expand the Random Access Memory (RAM) of any Android phone by using Micro-Sd Card
If you have been using a smartphone for a while and you've been observing that it seems so slow, then the issues of the phone are caused by the Random Access memory (RAM).
Requirement for increasing the RAM of an Android phone
  • Micro-SD Card (4GB and above)
  • A computer
  • A rooted smartphone or tablet
  • A software (Roehsoft RAM Expander)

Note:  In order to expand the RAM of any android phone, the phone must be first rooted. To root means having the privilege to modify the software codes of the device.
To Root your device
To Root your phone can be done in two ways:

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  • Using a computer
  • Using your smartphone
Step 1: Download Kingo root then install. Kingo root app is a powerful app recommended for android 4.4 above., it requires WiFi connection in order to root
  • Click on root in the app then the root progress will start

Image result for kingo root
Once the root is successful, a message will popup that the device has been rooted. Since the phone is rooted, there is access to the RAM

Increasing the RAM of your phone using Roehsoft RAM Expander

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Since you have a rooted phone, then you can increase the RAM of your phone with the following steps below:
Step 1: Make sure you have a Memory Card that is 4GB above.

File:Transcend SDHC card 4GB. ...Samsung Pro 64 GB microSDXC ...

Step 2:  Download the app called Roehsoft RAM Expander, then install

Image result for installation picture of roehsoft ram expander

Step 3:  Then click on the app, a message will popup, then give the app it's root permission and selects the language option.

Step 4: At the left corner of the upper level of your phone, there is a place written “Swap”. Then click on it.

Step 5: This app is powerful on some phones, so it might ask you to create a swap file for the app. If it asks, then create a swap file for the app on the Sd card.
After that, it will ask you the amount of storage that you wish to have. Choose any amount of space on it but make sure that you have up to 1Gb free space on your SD Card.

Step 6: After swapping  a message will  popup  that “congratulations”.

Note:  The new GB of RAM may not be seen in your task manager but the phone will run much faster than it is before.

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