Thursday, October 12, 2017

Presenter View Part 6

When you type the URL given by the slide into Google, it will take you to a website where you can ask questions:
  1. This is the area that you type your question into.
  2. If you click on this box, your question will be asked anonymously and everyone (including the presenter) won’t be able to tell who asked the question. This can be useful if a student is too shy to have his/herself singled out on the presentation.*
  3. This is your character counter, you have a maximum of 300 characters.
  4. These are the “Cancel” and “Submit” button. The “Cancel” button will cancel your question, the “Submit” button will post your question on the website and on the “Presenter View” screen.
  5. This is another question that has been asked. All questions that have been asked are visible to the audience, not just the presenter.
  6. Other audience members can like or dislike your questions. This can be viewed by the presenter.
“Presenter View” from Google is an excellent way to take your slideshows to the next level. If you have any trouble with “Presenter View” a link to Google Support is provided below.

*A common concern from teachers is the fact that questions can be asked anonymously. One feature that is easily forgotten is that the teacher acts as a buffer between the questions and the presentation. For instance, if an inappropriate question were asked, even anonymously, other audience members would be able to see it on the website but the teacher can choose to simply ignore it.
*~Bonus Feature~*

When presenting a slideshow made in Google, down in the bottom left corner of the screen is a button that says “Pointer”. Click it to turn your mouse pointer into a laser pointer!

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