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How to Camtasia

Alex Leach           9/26/16

Camtasia Video Editing

Camtasia is an easy to learn video editing software that costs money but has a 30 day trial and it allows you to narrate videos or record your screen in any resolution. Some parts are pretty straight forward but not as simple as they seem. There are parts that will do it for you but it doesn’t look as good so it would be better to learn it if you want better quality. It can be kind of tedious and make you have to take a break at times but here’s some tips and tricks to make things a little easier.
For video editing, say maybe a youtube video or a commercial it’s good to cut out bad parts that aren’t really needed. So what I like to do to fix things is put the audio and video on 2 different columns. After you do that you want to place the play marker/line the shows what part of the video you are on and pause or drag it on the part you want to split (start for the cut) and select one column then go to split and then select the other column that isn't split and do so. After that go to the part slightly before the part you want to keep and do the split process again but select the parts that are split and cut them. If you have the parts you want and want to be funny you can use the zoom and pan option and crop it to the area you want to zoom into then go to the area you want to stop the zoom and crop it back to full size.
For music/edits you want to screen record the part of a show or video you want if you don't already have it and save and edit it after. Then you want to find the music you want and drag it onto the bin and put it in a free column to be in the video. Now if you want to be more fancy then cut out some parts you don't want and cut the music to your preferred part and the hit M on every beat and it will leave a marker showing when the beats are. When you’re done go back to the beats and zoom in and out on every beat to add a nice effect making it a lot cooler. You can also split the parts with markers and add a quick transition to make it look even better but make sure to leave it to an amount that does not cover 2 beats.
That’s it for these tips on Camtasia. I hope they helped you out with video editing or improved your edits.
If you are interested in this program go here to for a free 30 day test:

Tutorial wie man mit Camtasia ...
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How to set up a simple backup system

Links in Presentation

What is the right plan for you???

When choosing a phone plan choose carefully and make the right choice

How to make a citation



How to log into and use Aspen

Aspen Log In Website:

Need a Digital Agenda?

Try out Timetable!

Usability: This app is extremely easy to manage. It is very straight forward. If you ever needed a digital agenda, this is the app for you. You can add a lesson and set its date. The app also keeps track of assignments that are overdue, due today, due tomorrow, and that are upcoming.

Support: No tutorial is given. It is a very simple app. Once you've opened it up, it is very straight to the point. An infant could operate this app.

Engaging: This app is very engaging. It keeps track of everything, and you can see the entire year in review. It is simple and it doesn't come with the burden of carrying another book around. Students will choose this over a normal agenda because it is weightless and is it right on their phone.

Export/Sharing: You can share your timetable to anyone with an email. It is very simple and easy to do. If you ever needed someone to know your schedule you can use this feature.

Customization: There are no tools for customization, but you can create your own timetable the way you want it. No restrictions are involved.

Collaboration: There is no collaboration in the app itself, but since you have the ability to share you can collaborate outside of the app.

Import: The entire thing is importing. You need to add information about due dates and assignments. If you don't, the app will be useless. It doesn't list everything for you, it just organizes it.

Overall this app is very useful. You don't need to carrying an extra book around. It is all done from your phone, and that is how most students prefer it.

Ever Needed an Answer to a Question but a Teacher wasn't Around?

Try out Quora!

Usability: Quora is extremely easy to navigate through. First off, you need to sign in with either your Google account or Facebook account. After that, you can explore and tag all the subjects you are interested in such as math, science, reading, writing, etc. At first it takes a while to load, but after that everything is responsive and fast.

Support: No tutorial is given however the app has a very basic layout. Once you have signed in, it asks to setup your account, and it tells you how to do that. After that you are free to use the app with no interruptions.

Engaging: This app is very engaging. The reason why is because you have the free will to look up any question about any topic. All you have to do is type it in and there's the answer. You don't have to search through URLs to find the right answer. It is fast and easy.

Export/Sharing: Once you have signed in with either a Facebook or Google account, you can start sharing the answers you've found on the app. You can share them on Google+, Facebook, or email.

Customization: You can't really do a lot of customization on this app. The only thing you can do is customize the tags you are interested in. So once you've open the app, questions and answers of certain topics will already be there. This is there so that you can browse through related questions about topics you are interested in.

Collaboration: There is no collaboration in the app itself, but since you have the ability to share you can collaborate outside of the app.

Import: You can't really import anything, but you do have the ability to answer questions yourself, or ask questions of your own. So you can still add some things to the app.

Overall it is a very useful app. If you ever needed an answer right away, but a teacher wasn't around this is the app for you!

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Something You Should Avoid

January 2017
Daily School News!
Subject of the Day: Digital Citizenship                                    Digital Citizenship Topic: Plagiarism

What is Plagiarism?  Plagiarism is a serious offense of taking someone’s work or idea and using it as your own. People think of it as just copying. When people use terms like copying, it can make it sound like a minor offense. When you plagiarize, you are presenting work as if it is your own giving no credit or sources to who or where you got the information from. They took their time to develop something and they did not do that for people to take the credit. Plagiarism is considered an act of fraud and to continue turning in someone else’s work as your own or copying words and ideas from someone else without giving credit is wrong.

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How Can An Idea Be Stolen? According to the United States law ideas that are original are considered to be intellectual property which is protected by the copyright laws as long as they are written down.
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Image result for plagiarismIs Plagiarism A Problem In School? Plagiarism has always been a problem within schools and it has become worse since the internet. It is easy to get access to different work by different people on the internet with just a few words in the search engine. Many students think that they have to hide the fact that they are using sources but it actually makes the paper better because it supports your own thoughts and ideas along with the other sources you used.  

What is Considered Plagiarism and Can You Avoid It?  Plagiarism is considered to be a wide variety of things like not putting in quotation marks around a quotation and giving inaccurate information about the source of the quotation. You can avoid plagiarizing very easily by simply citing your sources. Many teachers encourage their students to make a bibliography for projects, research papers, and essays. A bibliography is a list of all the sources you used during your research process. It generally includes the author's name, the title of the work, name of the company, and location of the company. You can also look up some guidelines for properly citing sources. Planning out your paper is always a good suggestion but remember that plagiarism has to do with using images, videos, and music as well. You have to get proper permission or provide the correct citation. The most common activities are copying media and creating videos using other’s footage or music that is copyrighted. Copying and pasting images from other websites into your own work without giving proper citation is a very popular example of copying media.

How To Plan Out Your Papers? Planning out your paper is always the best thing to do. Taking notes is one of the best ways to prepare to write a paper. By taking notes from all your sources and getting as much information as you can makes it easier to organize. Be careful with taking notes poorly because it can lead to incorrect citation. When taking notes remember to make sure you can tell the difference between your ideas and the ones you have found as well. Don’t forget to write down the information you need for your bibliography or web addresses for every source right away. If you are not sure how to cite properly then you may visit where you will be able to find some resources. It will be more work for you to go back through trying to find the sources all over again. You can then begin with planning out your paper which is an important step to avoid plagiarism. The main focus is balancing your own ideas and the ideas from other sources.
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You also must know how to paraphrase which is restating someone’s idea in your own words. You have to change both the sentence structure and the words but without changing the subject. Keep in mind that paraphrasing still includes citation. Paraphrasing will always be handy. Good paraphrasing leaves good point of views in your papers and makes the process a lot easier.    

What is Edmodo?

By:  Kyanna

Image result for edmodoYou are probably thinking “What is Edmodo?” I am here to tell you. Edmodo is where your teachers can both assign and grade assignments like homework on their mobile devices. Edmodo focuses on teaching and not on the paperwork. On Edmodo, students can communicate and connect in such a way where they know that there are other students out there that may be struggling with the same things as them. Edmodo has over 48 million users and still expands. Edmodo expands both nationally and internationally. You can get started as a user of Edmodo right now at or you can get the app. Edmodo is under the education category and it’s free. Users have said that the website is more “user friendly” and that the app does need some improvements but Edmodo as a whole still has some great features.
Image result for communication
Edmodo is a great way to communicate among classmates, teachers, and parents.  
Edmodo offers access to resources and other learners and educators outside of your class even around the world. Edmodo is great for not only students and teachers but for the parents too. Edmodo didn’t leave the parents out. Parents are able to stay up to date with what their kid(s) are doing and whatever was taught during the day, the parents know by night. Parents can know it all including assignments, due dates, class events, classroom announcements, and more. Parents are able to set reminders as well. It is good for the teachers because it makes grading easier, assess their students performance, and to even complement their lesson plans. Teachers can create groups, schedule quizzes, and manage their students progress. It’s good for students because students are able to engage with the learning materials in different ways and they have the chance to take part in discussions with their classmates or other learners around the world.
Image result for homework onlineAbout two years ago, the Edmodo company made an announcement. The company announced a partnership with Cambridge and Oxford University Presses. Both Cambridge and Oxford University Presses have put resources from their renowned collection online and developed content for schools in the United Kingdom. To learn more about their partnership and the development of content for schools in the United Kingdom please visit
According to Cambridge University Press, Edmodo is the most extensive e-learning platform for both primary and secondary teachers and students. Edmodo is designed to give teachers complete control over their digital classroom with one single platform with unlimited storage. Edmodo also provides a comprehensive setting for the education experience and guarantees that students will remain safe and focused. Is Edmodo worth the try? I think it is. Try out Edmodo now.

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A Hackers’ Intention

A hacker’s reasoning for what they do is vague. Hacking is an expert’s puzzle. People like to complete puzzles just for bragging rights. In a lot of smaller cases, if damage is involved, it's normally not intended. Vagueness in a hacker’s reasoning is the confusing part. The general public thinks poorly about hacking because they do not understand it. They watch news broadcasts, and read news reports to get their opinion. Sadly the news normally bashes hacking. From a hacker's point of view, it is very understanding that there is a actually beneficial meaning into why they do things.
While people are hacking banks, others are hacking systems for a better outlook in the day. On mostly holidays, hackers who hack console networks like Xbox Live, PSN, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, seem to be just problem makers. When in actual fact they hack those networks so that people can enjoy the celebration. Recently in the past few or so years on Christmas, these networks always go down, followed by a tweet on Twitter from the hacker group normally explaining why they did it, and they take credit for the action. A hacking group called Lizard Squad takes most of the credit for these attacks.

To be accepted in a culture more extreme measures need to take place. Terrorism is a huge threat all around the world. In a recent case The terrorist group ISIS is the biggest threat thus far. It has been thought about if hackers and Western security services would be able to work together to win the online war against Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. On November 13, 2015 ISIS attacked Paris, France and the whole world was shocked. The attack killed 130 people in six different locations around the French capital. A day after the attack a online video was posted all around the internet. It seemed more like an action movie than an internet release from its dramatic theme music, and slick graphics, “We are Anonymous,” the letters on the screen read. “We are uniting humanity. Expect us.” Collaborating with governments can really change the way hacking groups are looked at in the public eye, and this is just the first example anonymous has given that looks good on all hacker’s records.
Not everyone is going to know the full story. Separation between hackers is essential to prove that not all hacking events are terrible. The war on terror, protest on controversial topic, and freedom of information are all examples of “good” doing by a hacktivist. Sure, not all hacking is good, but a hacker and hacktivist are two very much different endeavors. A hacker’s meaning to do what they do defines what they are all about. Before dissing a hacker or hacktivist make sure ignorance isn't in the way.

Plan ahead with Planboard

Plan ahead with Planboard

By:  Kyanna

Planboard is an online tool for teachers or educators in general. This tool helps educators simplify their lesson planning and makes it easier for them to reuse the lessons in the future. You can create, edit and view lessons. The lessons, subjects, semesters, etc are all organized with the help of this tool. Teachers can easily save and share their calendars and schedules. It’s good for reducing your time for class preparation and staying organized.
Planboard is both a site and an app. It is available in any app store for free and like any app you can search it in the search bar or it is also under the education category. The seller of planboard is The Planboard site is where you can get set up. It’s quick and easy to set up and get started.
Getting organized can be a bit of a hassle for many teachers but now you can plan your lessons online. Plan your lessons, use curriculum sets, get organized, and manage your schedule. Planboard makes it easier to create the lessons that you need. If you are the type of teacher that enjoys bringing their lessons to life then Planboard is still useful to you because it allows you to add pictures, videos, and attachments. You can even create templates for your lessons which makes the time for class preparation even shorter. You don’t even have to worry about storage because there is unlimited storage space when using Planboard so you can create as many lesson as you want.
I know my teachers are very adamant about staying on track and managing the curriculum standards. Planboard helps with keeping the class on track. Teachers can add local curriculum sets but also add individual standards to their lessons. Planboard also has this tool called “The Standards Progression” which shows the curriculum progress for each class and the standards that have been covered. Now, you can even monitor the progression, which will definitely help with staying on track.
The feature that is most commented about is how teachers can reuse their lessons and schedules. All you do is move the previous semester to the new year and it’s ready to be used.
Another great feature is being able to share lessons with your colleagues. Some of my teachers have shared lessons with other teachers in the school. You can send individual lesson plans or groups of lesson plans to your colleagues or other teachers and they will be able to open it in their planboard. You can also import shared lessons into your own planboard. If you enjoy sharing and/or receiving lessons with/from other teachers then sharing groups can be created.
Over 150,000 teachers are already using Planboard. There are teachers all around the world using it to cut down their classroom preparation time. Planboard has made an impact on many teachers and their lesson planning. Teacher have been able to teach more with using planboard because they have everything right there. Planboard could help you. Try Planboard and see what it does for you.

Is Quizlet For You?

Is Quizlet For You?

By: Kyanna  

Quizlet is an online learning and study tool that was created by Andrew Sutherland. It was founded in Albany, CA in October of 2005 but the headquarters is located in San Francisco, CA. It was open to the public in January 2007. It is ranked as one of the top fifty websites in The United States.
      You can visit Quizlet at or you can get Quizlet on your phone as an app. You can get the app in any app store like Google Play and good news for you-it’s free! You can either search it in the search bar or go under the education category in your app store.
      I started using Quizlet in sixth grade. Now I am a sophomore in high school and I am still an active user. Statistics show that one-quarter of all United States high school students use Quizlet every day. Quizlet is a great study resource for students. It prepares my friends and me for many of our tests and quizzes in almost all of our classes along with many other students within the school.
      Quizlet helps you master your classes. You can create your own lessons or you can choose from the millions of other lessons that other Quizlet users have created. The last update which was in November of 2015, showed that Quizlet has had over 100 million user-generated flashcard sets and more than 40 million monthly visitors.
There are thousands of different subjects to pick from. Many people even use Quizlet to study for SATs and ACT. It’s great to study for midterms and finals as well. It’s also great to go on and learn something new.
      The cool thing about Quizlet is that it has different strategies that you can choose to study from. Quizlet has a flashcard strategy if you enjoy studying from flashcards. The “Learn” option is where a question will be asked or a definition will be given and you fill in the answer or vocabulary word. Spelling is another option where you type what you hear. The question will be at the bottom and there’s a sound icon where you press and the answer will be said to you then you type what you heard in the space that is provided. For the “Test” option, you create a practice test that consists of multiple choice, true-false, fill in the blank and matching. Once you take the practice test, it will be automatically graded when you hit the “check answers” button. Quizlet also gives you the option of printing the practice test so you have a copy in your hand. The other option you have is the “Matching” option and that is basically memory match where you match the word with the definition or the question with the answer. The “Gravity” option is a game. For example, a word will come down from the top of the screen and you have to type in the definition in the space that is given. As you can see, Quizlet has many different study strategies. Once and awhile Quizlet will change their options so these options may or may not be there.
      I suggest this to my friends, family, and now I suggest it to you. It’s definitely an exceptional efficient resource to use. It helps many people including myself. There are many great things about Quizlet with a few things that could be fixed but overall it’s very helpful. You can choose the best study strategies that fit your learning way best. It’s simple to use and anyone can use it.

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Plagiarizing is the direct copying of someone else's site or work and claiming it as yours.
One may resort to plagiarizing because;
  • they are in a hurry to submit the work or are under pressure,
  • they may not know the difference between paraphrasing and plagiarizing
  • They lack good internet research skills
  • They may be too lazy to participate in the activity
Instead of plagiarizing one has the option to do a brief summary of the work in their own words and site the website or the person they got the information from. Plagiarizing has consequences and can lead to involvement of legal action.
Some of the repercussions include:
  • Suing or legal action
  • Expulsion from the institution
  • Destruction of the plagiarized work
  • They may even get zero on the assignment or face detention
  • Shame and embarrassment to the individual and the institution

Now that you know about plagiarism try to condemn it among your peers and friends, remember the consequences and do not participate in it. By doing your own work you expand your thinking skills and creativity. Through this you also learn new things and are aware of what your  presentation is about.


Clock application for android phones
Many may assume this application and forego it despite checking for the time on their phone regularly.
This application has features like
  • An alarm
  • A world Clock
  • A stop watch
  • And a timer     
  •  The Alarm
To use the alarm select on the feature and press the add option now you can select the time and days you want it to ring. You may also change the sound of the alarm. What I like most about this feature is that it allows you to set multiple alarms while for some manual alarms you have you can only set one.

  • The World Clock
This is another wonderful feature that tags along with the application, it allows you to add a city through which you are going to view information like the time and the date at the place. This may not sound like a big deal but it is used by travelers to know the time and sometimes date at their destination if they travel for many hours. I use this feature before making an international call because sometimes due to the difference in time in various regions of the world it may hinder the time of communication.

  • The Stop Watch
Stop watches are mainly used when carrying out experiments to time minutes used when partaking in a procedure. This application is very efficient and you may pause it if you wish.

  • The Timer

A timer is used to regulate the time taken while doing a certain act. With the timer you are required to set a time and select start once the time has endured the timer will beep repeatedly to notify you. You may pause the timer if you wish.