Wednesday, May 31, 2017

How to take a Snapchat video without hands for IPhone users

How to take a Snapchat video with no hands

Are you sick of having to hold down that darn camera button to take a snapchat video? Or tired of only being able to use one hand in your dancing videos? Or you just simply want to be able to put your phone down to take a video? Well for all you IPhone users I can tell you how!
What is Snapchat? Snapchat is very popular in today’s generation, Snapchat is the mobile app that allows users to capture videos and pictures that self destruct after a few seconds. When a user sends a message they get to decide whether it will live for between one and ten seconds.
Snapchat is known for its ten seconds of content that you can post to your story for all your friends to view. To take a normal video you have to hold down the round shutter button on the bottom of the camera screen and release the button when you’re done recording or until the ten second timer runs out.
.Image result for snapchat camera screen
To take a snapchat video with no hands it requires you to go into the IPhone settings application, then, press “General” then “Accessibility.” Once you are in Accessibility scroll down until you see “AssistiveTouch” then turn on AssistiveTouch by swiping on the switch across from it, to know it is turned on, the switch should turn green along with a grey box with a white circle in it should appear on your IPhone screen.
Image result for settings application on iphone assistive touchRelated image
Once you are in the AssistiveTouch part of your settings you will see at the bottom there is a tab that says “Create New Gesture…” Once you press it, it will then bring you to a grey screen that says “Tap or swipe to create a custom gesture. A sequence of gestures will be combined into one multiple-touch gesture.” Also, the screen will have “Play” on the bottom left corner and “Stop” in the bottom right corner. Once you are here you are going to press and hold down with your finger in the bottom middle of the grey screen. Once you press your finger on the screen there will be a blue bar that starts and then stops once you release your finger or until the time runs out. Hold your finger down until the blue bar reaches the end.
Image result for create new gesture button iphone
Great! Now you have made the gesture, now in the top right corner there will be the word “Save” written in blue letters. Once you press save there will be a white box that appears on the screen that says “New Gesture” and a bar that allows you to type along with a “Cancel” and a “Save” button. Inside the typing bar it tells you to make a Gesture name, you can name it anything you would like. After you have made a name for your gesture press the “Save” button. Your screen will go back to the AssistiveTouch screen, accept now that you have saved your gesture, what you named your gesture will appear under the “Create New Gesture” tab.
Image result for create new gesture

Almost done! Now, go into the Snapchat app and put it on the camera screen. Press the grey assistive touch box that is still on your phone screen and then on the top left there should be a white star that says “Custom”. Then, click the star and it should open up to a box that has “Pinch” in the top left corner, “3D Touch” in the top middle, and “Double Tap” in the top right corner. Now, if you have done all the steps correctly there will also be a white star in the middle left that is named what you have named the gesture, press it. Once you have pressed the star, a small, grey, target looking circle will appear, press and drag the circle onto the middle of the record button and your video will start recording, hands free!
Image result for snapchat without hands

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Google Docs Helper!

Let the Computer Read and Type for You!

Have you ever gotten stuck on a word and having then stared
at a screen forever until you figure it out? Well, there’s a much easier was to solve this. There is an inserting add-on you can install that will not only read to you, but you can read to them and it will spell things out for you. Do you ever get lazy and don’t want to type? Talk to your computer! And if you need an editor, the computer will repeat it for you so you don’t need to forget that you missed a word. This app will help many students that are not able to spell or read. It’s not hard to install either! Check it out! 😊

-Just go with these steps:
Speaking to the computer:  If  you want to speak to the computer and have it type for you, you simply go to tools. Go to the 6th one down and click on, “Voice Typing…” It should show up in a little box with a microphone in it. It will say, “Click to speak.” Click on it and start talking!

Letting the computer read to you:  If you want the computer to read to you, you just choose “Add-ons.”You can find it in the top selections in the toolbar and choose, “Reader” which should be the 2nd one down. When you click on what you need, you should see the reader on the right side of your screen. They will have you choose whatever settings you’d like, such as the sound and the speed. When you manage your settings and you’re ready for the reading, simply scroll to, “Start reading” and it should start from the beginning and begin reading.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Do not understand a story that your next test is on? Download Sparknotes!

Usability:  Sparknotes is an easy app to navigate and use. Sparknotes is very easily used with little to no help. When using Sparknotes you can use multiple devices. Sparknotes will help students by giving the summary of the story the student is looking for. Simply type in the book and author and read away!

Support:  Tutorials and instructions are very simple. When you first open the app you will read how to search and change content settings when needed. Sparknotes is a very simple app for your Apple or Android device.

Engaging:  Sparknotes is a highly engaging app that will be used very often.

Export/Sharing:  When using Sparknotes you are able to share content. You will be able to share through Google, email, Youtube, etc. When wanting to share simply go into the settings and click share.

Customization:  Students are able to modify in settings. When clicking the settings options you will be able to change to Night Mode, change Font Size, learn about Sparknotes, Contact them, Share, see Terms of Use, and learn the Privacy Policy.

Collaboration:  Sparknotes does not allow you to collaborate with students through the app.

Import:  When using the app you will not be able to import pictures, videos, files, etc.

Sparknotes is a very fun and engaging apps for all students. Sparknotes helps students by summarizing stories that will be easily understood. Sparknotes is a great tool and can be used in and outside of the classroom.
Really need to know the answer to a math problem but no one is around? Try Photomath!

Usability:  This app is very useful to students in Math. This app is very easy to use and can be downloaded for free on any Apple or Android device. Students using this app will simply scan or type in the math problem they need help solving, Photomath then gives you the answer(s) along with the steps needed to solve the problem.

Support:  With Photomath you will need little to no help. When you first open the app you will be guided with tutorials and instructions.

Engaging:  Students find this app very helpful and it is highly engaging to them and their peers.

Export/Sharing:  Artifacts created with Photomath can not be shared through Google or other websites and/or tools.

Customization:  Students are not able to customize Photomath or adjust content settings.

Collaboration:   Photomath does not allow you to collaborate with students.

Import:  With Photomath you are not able to import photos, videos, etc.

    Despite the down sides to Photomath I think that students can still benefit from this app. When a student is struggling in a subject it can be very hard to stay focused and motivated. With Photomath I feel students will be able to get a better understanding.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Snapchat is SO Mainstream!

Marco Polo Video Walkie Talkie
(Snapchat doppelganger?)

This App is available for all smartphones. This app has about 6 filters, some similar to those used in Snapchat, BUT the only differences are that these videos don't disappear after being viewed once, there are no articles, and there is no “subscribing” to people, or a 10 second long video disadvantage. This app has a tutorial guide that you can use until comfortable to begin using the app with friends, family, etc.

  1. Open the app.
    1. OPTIONAL: tutorial
  2. Tap on one of your friends faces.
  3. Now similar to Snapchat there is a circle button at the bottom part of your screen beneath an empty white row (see step 4) tap this button to begin your video message.
  4. After tapping the circle for the second time the video sends and goes to the far left end of the white row, where you can re-watch your video message.

To use Marco Polo’s filters you just need to swipe across your screen, like Snapchat. Since these videos stay in an “archive” of sorts, you or the other folks you’re chatting with can view these at any time. If the recipients are not active on the app you can still send the video and the video will automatically load and start up when they tap your face in the main screen.

If you are still unsure if this app is worth the app storage on your device(s) here is a review for the app

Don't be Late, for a Very Important Date

How to Plan your time BETTER

I spent numerous days worrying about “WHEN will I get a project turned in?”, “HOW am I getting to work on time?”, And “IS it possible to squeeze something in one day so I am a free another day?”

That struggle was REAL I went to extremes to find a plan that works. I present to you…

Right off, the idea of using a useful function on my phone (besides the calculator) seemed a little far-fetched. There was no way this would work. But it is very easy to manage.
  1. Set up an event
  2. Scroll through the event menu to the 🔔, tap the 🔔
    1. Tap one of the 3 options
      1. Specify time and form of event reminder
  3. “Add another notification”
    1. Choose between 10 or 30 minutes before, 30 minutes before as email, an hour before, or “Custom…”
      1. Specify how many…
        1. Minutes
        2. Hours
        3. Days
        4. Or WEEKS before the event
      2. Choose form of notification
        1. Normal app notification
        1. Email

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Take a Load off... Your Storage!

How To Never Run Out of Storage Space

People struggle with their phones when it comes to taking pictures and using up all your storage, but Google Photos is here to save them from their torment, deleting precious pictures. Google Photos backs up ALL of the photos you allow it to, WITHOUT running out of storage space. Just sign in with your gmail account and you are all set because those pictures will never be deleted unless YOU delete them.

  1. Sign into your phone with your gmail account.
  2. Open Google photos.
  3. Start taking pictures!

File:Google-Picasa-icon-logo.png - Wikimedia Commons

To get Google Photos (if you do not have it already) use the link above!


We usually get excited when we get to play with our teachers white boards… but it’s not fun when we use a Sharpie instead of a dry erase marker. The teacher will probably be mad at you, and think they can never use the board again… but there is a trick not very many people know! If you use an expo marker and go over the Sharpie, wipe it off and it will be gone! No matter how long the sharpie has been on the board, it will come off as long as you use an expo over it. Sometimes the liquid washer won’t always work and take off the mess you’ve made. And why pay so much money for the white board washer? This trick will do it for you!

Don’t believe me? Check out the link!

Click this link for further directions ---->

Monday, May 15, 2017

I must TILE you something...


If you are consistently losing track of your devices, wallet, keys, or things like those that you carry with you everywhere and are important to you, just put a Tile on them! A Tile is a Bluetooth tracking device you can hook onto your keys, put in your wallet, or hide anywhere so you can find them without a problem (if your item(s) are nearby). You must make an account to activate your tiles, and when you do, your phone itself can become a tile! Press the middle button on any of your tiles connected to your phone via Bluetooth, and it will buzz (even on silent!) until you find it again. When and if your things becomes lost and are not within range, the community can find your things, drop them off nearby, and your phone will alert you when it is within range again! To get started…

  1. Download the Tile app
    1. Go through the opening slides
  2. Tap the +
  3.  Enter password to receive code to ensure it is you activating this Tile.
  4. Press “e” on Tile
  5. Syncs tile
  6. You can name your Tile,

You’re Done!

Your phone will play a chipper tune (which you can change if you want) high pitched enough to be easily heard, and therefore easy to find. Enjoy your stress-free moments when you can not find your things.

For a visual set-up, use this link:

Thursday, May 11, 2017

One Lock

What is “1PASSWORD?” 1PASSWORD is an app on the App Store or Google Play that is used for remembering everything you don’t. It remembers passwords and keeps it behind a secretive password that you make yourself. creates strong unique passages or pins for you to remember to get into your pool of other passwords.
  • It remembers usernames, credit card numbers, addresses, codes. Anything that you will forget 1PASSWORD remembers.
  • If you have a phone that has Touch ID you can also simply unlock it with the finger you use to unlock your phone with.
  • The app stores your information in categories. For example, usernames would all be under usernames; either from dates or alphabetical order. Also, passwords and documents  are organized in their separate within separate categories.
  • A great thing that is awesome about this app is that you can spotlight search. Spotlight search helps you find what you are looking for by typing keywords within all of the apps (in this case, within the app) for the item(s) you are looking for. So if you have a ton of documents and don’t

Google Doc Sheet?

How To Insert A Table From Spreadsheet

Do you want to know how to insert a chart onto Google Docs from a spreadsheet you’ve already created? If so, keep reading!

  1. If you look where your widget area is you will see the words Insert. Press the tab and a bunch of options will roll down.

2. In the options, you will see an icon that shows a chart. Once you hover your cursor on the chart option it will ask you to use data from a spreadsheet (picture shown below.)

3. After you have discovered the options, press the option “From Sheets” and it will show you all the sheets in your drive and you will pick one as shown below.

4. You have to select a spreadsheet that has a chart in the document. After you have chosen the spreadsheet with a chart, press select. After that your chart should be inserted as shown below.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Learning made easy!

      Khan Academy is  the app for you if you love learning. Khan Academy is a free app that is available to most devices. Khan Academy was created in October 2006 by educator Salman Khan. This app was made with a goal of creating an accessible place for people to be educated. You can learn anything by watching some of their videos, there are over 10,000 videos to watch and learn from on this app. You can watch videos from any subject like math, science, history, and many more. With this app you can learn all types of things at just the touch of a button.
      In this app you don’t have to learn from just watching videos you can also learn from interactive exercises and in-depth articles. You can use this app to follow along with what you learned in school, brush up on some skills, or even just to learn something new. You can also use this app to prepare for major tests like SAT, GMAT or MCAT. You can easily find what you want to learn on this app with the redesigned navigation and search it. Also if you don’t have internet and you want to keep learning you can bookmark your content to your list and the download it to read it later. This app is an easy app to help people learn at their own pace and how they want to learn. This app can easily be used by high schoolers, teachers, students, college professors and really anyone.