Monday, November 28, 2016

Who are Internet Trolls?

The Hidden Rules: Digital etiquette is just what you probably think it is. It’s what you should and shouldn’t do on the internet. There are standard rules on the internet that most people don’t know about. These rules can compare to social rules in society. Social rules aren’t written down anywhere but people still follow them because it’s the “right thing” to do. Every culture has their own social rules and the internet is no different. It can be a fun and scary world on the internet and these “rules” try to organize good and bad social interaction so that the internet is safe but still enjoyable. These rules are very simple and you probably already know them but you choose not to follow them. Some example of these rules would be “don’t download illegally”, or “Do not hack other computers.” That’s how “basic” these basic rules can get. All of it almost seems silly because of course you shouldn’t do these things, but just like in society of course you shouldn’t rob a store or cause harm to one another. Some people think that they have the power on the internet because there are never any face to face reactions. The internet is all words, and words can sometimes hurt worse than physical pain.

The Internet “Trolls”: Internet “trolls” aren’t actual trolls but it is slang for someone who seeks hate and sadness on the internet. A “troll’s” goal on the internet is to start arguments in online communities such as blogs, chat rooms, or forums. They also seek to upset people by posting off-topic or extraneous comments to get a reader to respond in an emotional way. They would normally state an unpopular opinion which they themselves probably don’t believe and wait for people to respond so that they can respond back with an even more unpopular opinion. No matter how mad or confused you might get from reading these comments DO NOT respond. Responding is exactly what they want you to do, and if you do respond then they won’t stop arguing with you until they win. It is very simple to spot a troll. A trolls name normally give it away. If the person’s name is derogatory in anyway then they are a probably a troll. Use common sense. Don’t let someone on the internet get you mad. Think about it in a logical way. Odds are that you aren’t ever going to meet that person in real life so who cares what they think. If you don’t like what someone says then just ignore it. No harm will come if you just hit the block button.
Mistakes Were Made: Don’t mistake someone for a troll. Calling everyone a troll because you don’t like their opinion isn’t a good thing to do. Don’t be the one people try to avoid. As said before, use common sense. Think about the opinion you are reading and come to a conclusion. Is the opinion logic or is it not related? Trolls and jokes are two completely different things. If you get offended by almost everything then the internet isn’t a good place for you. A lot of people are on the internet and a lot of opinions are shared. If you post an opinion be prepared for someone to comment on it either negatively or positively.

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