Monday, November 14, 2016

My Review

   is a great app that many people use on their phones. This is a great app to have in school because it will help you on those tough words that are giving you a headache and will give you a definition on the spot. Even better it even has a thesaurus. But what really makes the app great is that you can use it without being on the WiFi.


            So has some extra stuff to do/look at and its great adds some fun to leaning. One of these extras is the Word of the Day that shows up and has you learn something new every day. They also have a cool option to see what others are searching in the area and see what a popular word to learn is. Another extra part to this app is that it has a blog on it that shows over 800 fun language topics.

The good and the Bad

            Alright so we’ve been over some of the cool things and the basics of the app but what are some good or bad parts from having this app? Well there isn’t much bad to the app in my opinion but others say some words of the days are random and pointless such as, “The word of the day is "Yom tov" Who needs to know this? Not even a word.” ~Android User. People also like to complain about the app having a lot of ads but I never seem to have as much as a problem because when I use this app to help me with homework I either get zero ads or one ad at most but that’s looking for 10-20 words. But here’s what another android user said but it’s a good response, “Love It! Love the fact that it saves word searches (recent search) even if favorite word is not checked. Love that if need arises, pronunciations are a finger tap away. This app is used for my tablet exclusively; only wish it was an automatic search while reading a book but that is an easy adjustment. Also, recent word searches can be sent to your email, clipboard or about any other method for future reference and built right in. As far as this reader is concerned this is one of, if not the best app out there.” If that’s not enough to get you to download the free app for extra knowledge then I don’t know what app you should use.


In other words I think this is a good app with a lot more than just a definition of a word. But there is a lot more to check out on the app I’ll add their description of the app for the last caption. That’s my review hope this was a helpful review on and helps you decide if you want it. Description is the leading free English dictionary app for Android – with over 2,000,000 definitions and synonyms.
This app works offline – you do not need an internet connection.
In addition to the trusted reference content from and, this app includes:
• Word of the Day – learn a new word every day
• Audio pronunciation – hear every word
• Voice search – speak to search
• Translator – get translations for over 30 languages
• Blog – explore over 800 fun language topics
• Slideshows – fascinating facts about language
• Quiz widget - test your vocabulary with Word of the Day quizzes
• Word origin - find out interesting etymologies
• Favorite words and search history – never forget the words you learn
• Spelling suggestions – get help with how words are spelled
• Local lookups - see which words are being searched near you
• Advanced learner’s dictionary – special content for ESL, EFL and English learners
Want even more? You can add to your app with our in-app purchases:

• Encyclopedia
• Slang Dictionary
• Idioms and Phrases
• Example Sentences
• Medical, Science and Rhyming Dictionaries

Or you can get all of this additional content and remove ads for one low price with our Premium App.

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