Monday, November 14, 2016

Do You Think Before You Speak?

Cyber-bullying is something no one should ever go through, because you never know what else they could be going through. Negativity is a horrible thing, and we do not want any negativity, we want positivity! Here are some videos why it is wrong:

This is a video that I have seen before that has the effects of cyber-bullying:
Cyber-bullying can lead to bad things, not just for the victim but for you as well. This can lead to the victim’s parents getting involved, and press charges on you!

Next, why would you hide behind a screen and say something mean, if you couldn’t say it to their face? No one likes it.
If cyber-bullying persists, the victim could become emotionally scarred and very depressed, and it makes them not want to go to school. It could leave them so emotionally scarred, that they will have suicidal thoughts, and maybe even commit suicide because they can’t take it anymore

These are the rates of suicide of people being cyber-bullied:
One more thing, if you wouldn’t want someone saying something horrible to you, don’t say it to someone else. Please think before you speak.

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