Thursday, June 8, 2017

Sick of Your Old IPhone Background Photo? Click Here...

How to Change your IPhone Lock and Home Screen Background Photo
Welcome IPhone users! Are you sick of having the plain old boring background photo that you’ve always had? Well, I can help you change it to whatever you would like. There are two ways you can change your background photo, I’m going to show you the one that is easier for most new IPhone users.
To change your phone background you will need a picture. You can have a picture from your camera roll of whatever you would like, but there are also photos that come with the IPhone that you can chose from. There are also Dynamics which move slightly when they are displayed on your screen, Stills, which are cool prints that move to the left, right, up or down with the motion of which you tilt your phone. The last one is called a Live, a Live is a photo that moves when you press your finger down on the screen and stops when you release it. You can pick any photo in any of these albums or any photo in your album.
Image result for dynamics stills and live
The first step is to go into your phone Settings application. Then, scroll down until you see the “Wallpaper” tab. Once you are in the wallpaper tab you will see two photos which are what your home screen and lock screen pictures are now. Above those two pictures there will be a tab that says “Choose a New Wallpaper,” tap it.
When you’re in that tab it will show all the photos that come with the IPhone on the top and then it will have all of your photo albums underneath, this is where you will choose your photo. Once you have selected a photo for your lock screen it will bring you to what the background would look like in the lock screen with that photo. If you are satisfied with that photo and the position then on the bottom right there will be a button that says “Set.” Pressing that button will bring you to slide up options that say “Set Lock Screen,” “Set Home Screen,” and “Set Both” if you would only like the photo on your lock screen then press Set Lock Screen, if you would only like it on your home screen then press Set Home Screen, but if you would like the photo on both lock screen and home screen then press set both. If you are unhappy with the photo you have chosen then instead of pressing the “Set” button then you would press “Cancel” on the bottom left, once you have found the photo for you then proceed with the steps. Finally when you have pressed one of the three options then it will set the photo and your background photo will have now been changed!

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