Monday, June 5, 2017

Having trouble with math? This app is a helping hand! 

Photo Math
Some of us don’t do so good on our math homework, and of course at home we don’t always get the help we need. Something was invented so we could change that… it’s call Photomath. You could find Photomath in the app store on your phone in the  search bar.  Here’s an example:    141022_1.png
 It helps us with our math problems that we can’t seem to figure out. All you do is open the app, take a picture of the problem shown, and it won’t only tell you the answer… but it will show you how to do the problem and how it is solved.
It’s a really easy handling app, especially if you need help in math… which is  understandable. This app is a great quality because it does everything you need for you. It’s very simple with just taking a picture, and them showing you the steps of the equation which shows how they got the answer, and of course the answer itself. Before you begin, it shows you step by step on how the app works. So… did you want a better grade in math by using you phone? Download, “PhotoMath” now!!!  
This is what the app looks like…:


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